Regular players will identify with the exciting enthusiasm we feel when joining a live Baccarat table. We looked at the dealer and thought of a winning method that we could put into action.

We are aware that not all the results we bet can win, so we instinctively know that we need to use a Baccarat strategy that will provide us with the best possible opportunity to try to earn more than we can lose.

The art of winning the game of Baccarat is reduced to make our betting decisions are in harmony with the flow of the type of “shoe trend ” that is developing.

First we must familiarize ourselves with the four key trends of footwear. Then decide when to implement any of the two most profitable footwear trends of the four. Finally, we must start the betting process. Successfully executed, achieving a stable success in Baccarat becomes more attainable.

Reading a Baccarat shoe at an early stage, to determine the probability of your type of trend, will give you a winning advantage. Predicting a dominant footwear trend is relatively easy, as I will explain. However, you’re just predicting how a shoe might end in general depending on the previous results as a shoe develops.

In a fast-paced live Baccarat game, a training pattern can give you an idea of the probability that a shoe will have a good zigzag streak, a strong streak of bankers and/or players or one of the other two types of trends. Although microanalysis can be misleading, don’t let uncertainty discourage you.

These are the most common types of footwear trends seen on major or large road markers. I prefer to see this design because the results are shown in a logical format that makes it easy to recognize patterns that form trends.

In the following example of a shoe trend, what I call, the “ZIGZAG area”, notes that the results are predominantly zigzag zigzags are chops or changes between bankers and players. The zigzag area is made up of first and second line results.

These results are only occasionally broken in the zigzag area, thus forming bank lines or players. But these do not continue and that’s why the zigzag area dominates.

In the following example of the trend of B/P STREAKY shoes, the results are predominantly stripes of bankers and players. In my opinion, the stripes really start from the third line. You can see that although the first and second lines show results, this is usually a brief event, as there is a strong presence of bankers and players in vertical form; Back to back.

This means that the first and second lines are only completed in the scoreboard as transition results, i.e. from bank-to-player streaks and vice versa. Only occasionally does the pattern of this shoe show a short zigzag streak without sprouting streaks of player or banker. So, in my opinion, these mini outbreaks in the zigzag area are blips of short duration that can be ignored because Streaky players and bankers are dominant.

I have explained how to identify two of the most important trends in Baccarat shoes, but it is equally important to note that you will not always be able to predict what trend a shoe may come to consider.

It is this uncertainty that will have an impact on your betting decisions. The shoes results formations can change full of being a strong ZIGZAGy pattern on a stage of a shoe to be a strong pattern of Banker and Player STREAKY in another stage.

When you experiment, what I call, the TRIT SWITCH TREATS, is an attack on the conclusion that you would have taken from your analysis. But you must understand that part of winning chips when betting on Baccarat is to take the tough with the soft. You can’t always do it right.

Money management will help you resist the uncertainty that the game brings, thus protecting your funds. Or you can choose to change the Baccarat tables in the hope of identifying a trend that could be favorable enough for your earnings to increase, especially if you increase your bets during such fruitful periods.

The following example of a shoe trend is what a typical trend changing treatment shoe looks like:

The last kind of shoe I’d like you to look at is, what I call, the STATE OF HOUSING. As you can see, the results that have been formed indicate that the shoe pattern cannot make a decision, therefore there is no tendency to rupture. This type of floating shoe does not favor the dominance of the zigzags or the stripes of the bankers and/or players. However, in itself it is however a trend.

Although I think it’s hard to take advantage of this type of Baccarat shoe. The best form of defense to protect your bankroll, in my opinion, is to apply stop loss in your game. You can also sit back and wait for a new shoe to start or just change the Baccarat tables.

Then recap. We’ve seen the next four types of shoes.

The ZIGZAG area
Bankers and STREAKY players
The state of the House
By logging into your 888 Casino account, you can become familiar with these types of shoes. Just study some live Baccarat games in action. In addition, you can also examine the shoes that are almost complete. (before data disappears) how many types of shoes can you identify?


To increase your chances of winning, you should look for any of the “first two types of Baccarat shoes” so you can follow those trends.

Before you start betting, you’ll want to be sure you’ve started a trend. Once you think you’ve done it, just make your bets by following the rules of the type of trend you’ve identified.

For example, if you have identified that the shoe might end up being a dominant trend in the Zigzag area, then always bet “opposite” or against the last result. Therefore, if the last result is Player (and the pattern reports that the trend is still within the zigzag area), your next bet must be Banker. If you lose, simply continue betting in the opposite direction to a 2x stop loss and reevaluate. So, if you lose again, stop.

If you have identified that the trend might end up being a banker with streaks and/or a player, then always “bet the last Result” recurring. Then, if the player is the last result (and the skipper reports that the trend is still player/banker), then his next bet must be player.

If the next result is a banker, (there was a change) that resulted in a loss, you may want to bet twice the probability that you will continue a streak. Therefore, I would bet Banker in the hope that the streak will continue, but now on Banker after the only Player transition.

Again, as in the trend of the zigzag area, if you lose twice, this should be your detonator to stop the bets. Then reevaluate.

The constant practice and ability to identify the four main trends of Baccarat should improve your game and this can be reflected in the amount of results you will earn as you become familiar with the best times to bet and on which side to bet .


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