From Macao to Vegas, Baccarat is by far the favorite game of the great gamblers. Many Baccarat gamblers tend to come from business. As you finish your hard work at the office, you go from looking for the best deals to playing a game that presents the best odds of winning.

They leave behind their striped suits and put on their play attire. They arrived at the Baccarat tables knowing that this game has a low advantage in the house and eliminates the need to participate in a minefield for decision making, as in the game of Blackjack, where because of the choice, most hands will change until you Solve the results.

I can understand how you can be a fan of Blackjack and that’s fine, but in my opinion, Baccarat trumps all casino games in many respects.

It feels great when we win playing casino games. And it feels much better when we can keep those gains in our account before we leave a game until we play other sessions on other days. Personally, I like to see how the balance of my account increases more often than if I had chosen to bet on those other casino games where too much decision-making is involved. Knowing what game offers the true probability of winning comes with years of experience.

Casinos win by trusting that you will lose through making the wrong decisions and when you play too much; Don’t leave when you’re in the interest.

A few months ago, I was watching some YouTube videos from a certain player betting on online casino games. Sometimes I bet on slot machines, sometimes on roulette and blackjack, and less on Baccarat. He won some big wins on the slot machines, but when he was losing he tried to improve his balance by playing Blackjack and roulette.

In those games, he sometimes won, but then increased his bets too often and risked too much of his bankroll just to end up losing. What are some other errors that casinos respond to players?

He returned to Baccarat and I noticed that in countless sessions (different videos) when trying to duplicate or more to recover the funds he had lost in those other games, he was more likely to bet on Baccarat than in his attempts to duplicate or allow. Your initial bet to ride on the other two games.

You want to know why?

Well, as I mentioned, not only has to do with the low advantage of Baccarat, but because it has a clear possibility that your selection of bets win, (leaving aside the advantage of the house Blackjack that seems to be the most favorable). When you compare Baccarat with Blackjack, there are other factors that come into play that make the advantages of betting on Baccarat on Blackjack, (for me anyway) are not a cinch.

Before highlighting those advantages, I must conclude how the man of YouTube behaved. Well, not all good. He took his Baccarat gains to the games he didn’t do so well. I left a comment urging to focus on Baccarat, as I clearly had been earning more. He answered thanking me about for my advice and wrote that he plans to do it precisely because he had also realized this. But as the proverb says, “You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.”

He did not end up doing what he had suggested (as the subsequent videos showed in the weeks that followed) even though he knew very well that Baccarat was for him, the best online game. I guess some people prefer to stick to certain games for certain reasons. Well, each one to his own.

But if you’re not that kind of person and want to learn more about Baccarat strengths and Blackjack pitfalls, read on. I know there are people who read this and want to take the Baccarat salsa train to find out why most, if not all other casino games, wins.

So, first, let’s look at the advantages of Baccarat compared to Blackjack. And then I’ll address the key differences for both card games. I will include the odds in several aspects relevant to the points I’ll point out because, after all, casino games have to do with the odds.

1. In terrestrial casinos you can converse with other players. Although unlike Blackjack, the results in Baccarat can not be altered because the cards are dealt according to the rules of the draw. (The best hand is 9: Two nines or two of any other number from 0 to 9 results in a draw) Baccarat is ideal for online betting because future results for Banker and Player sides are dictated by the cards shuffled in a shoe. Baccarat is a less pressured game, because for each punch there are only two decisions to make:

(a) your “bet size ” and (b) the side where you will place your chips: player or banker. When a draw result occurs, your bet is returned. And the home advantage in any draw bet is: 14.4% if you want to try your luck.

The reward for a winning bet on the player’s side is 1 to 1 (even money). And the reward for a winning bet on the bank side is 19 to 20, which is less because the House deduces 5% of the House Commission.

Based on a shoe of eight decks, the edge of the house (with the neckties considered) on both sides are:

Banker = 1.06%
Player = 1.24%

And the odds of winning (excluding the draws) are:

Banker = 50.68%
Player = 49.32%

Excluding ties, the true edge of the house for both sides is:

Banker = 1.17%
Player = 1.36%

If you are playing Point 2000, a 5% deduction is not made on a bank profit. When the total of a winning bank card is # 6 (or some casinos choose to use another number). Payment is half or 50% of your wager. So 1 to 2 instead of 1 to 1. (A winning bet of $100 will return $150)

The edge of the house in both hands of Point 2000 are:

Banker = 1.45%
Player = 1.23%

2. Blackjack can be a minefield because the results of each player’s hand are often determined by whether one or more players hit one or more cards until they stand up or go bankrupt. However, there are three safe zones, apart from the main desired result, which beats the dealer’s hand, and these are:

(a) Your hand results in 21 composed by the first two cards (10 and Ace) “A natural “, so you win a Blackjack. The payment is 3 to 2 (unless the dealer also notes a blackjack; In this case, the following rule applies).

(b) The cards with which it remains coincide with a score that the dealer ends with, “stand-off “, so your bet is returned. This range is 17 to 21 (21 if it consists of three or more letters). With a total of 16 or less, the dealer must steal another card. But the dealer must be at 17 or more. But you can also draw additional cards in case a ‘ soft 17 ‘ occurs. And be able to hit in a soft 17 effects the advantage of the house.

(c) The dealer goes bankrupt, regardless of the total score of his or her remaining hand. The reward is even money.

The other possibilities are:

(d) bust. (Your hand exceeds 21)
(e) The dealer’s hand score beats your hand.
(f) Your hand score is better than the dealer’s hand. The reward is even money.

The odds of you winning or losing change each time you or other players at the table decide to hit or stop, and the outcome of those decisions will be taken at the end of the dealer’s hand.

Although Blackjack’s goal is to beat the dealer, other players will be related to this goal, as there are always players who deviate from the basic strategy of Blackjack that is designed to meet a winning goal.

Splitting a pair is another important decision that can alter the overall results. Blackjack can be a frustrating game when you wanted a player to have taken the cards or not. Also, when you are not allowed to split a pair of aces, this affects the advantage of the house.

In addition, all casino games are exciting when you can win or lose real money. But from my point of view, there is more fear of playing Blackjack, because you and other players decide the odds of a player winning or losing the changes as the decision to take cards or support is decided.

It is not always possible to compete one by one against the dealer, especially online, since it is seldom just you and the dealer. On land casinos during unoccupied hours (mornings), you can almost guarantee individual play sessions.

Casino War is another casino game where players who open boxes can affect the results of each hand. The only caveat in this game and Blackjack is that the player’s decisions CAN determine the hand of a dealer, the latter with more skill can be argued. Therefore, it is common for professional Blackjack players to risk sacrificing certain hands if they believe that such decisions will cause the dealer to continue bankrupt. It is common for Blackjack gamblers to bet on other squares and agree with other players. This is not possible to play online. But…

TIP: I met a professional American Blackjack player at a London casino restaurant, sat at a table next to mine, who, having lowered his sirloin steak with a glass of Pinot Noir, told me he always opens two hands when he plays . Blackjack for the reason I’ve given earlier.

There are many variants of Blackjack and each will have different odds and probabilities. In general, factors such as:

The number of decks used/The amount of cards remaining while the cards are dealt/if the cards are constantly shuffled (to get rid of the card counters)/not be able to bend in certain hands… It’ll alter the edge of the house and the odds of winning, losing or drawing.

In the most common version of Blackjack, the margin of the house varies from 0.5% to 1%, depending on the different rules and circumstances that can increase or decrease the margin of the house and therefore can increase or reduce your probability of winning. However, the basic possibilities of winning, losing or tying are:

42.22% winners.
49.10% losing.
8.48% drawing.

I started this article to prepare Baccarat on Blackjack even though the latter has a lower margin of the house. But as you’ve read with Blackjack, the probability that you win your hand is subject to change depending on a variety of factors, even after you’ve made the decision to hit or hold your own hand, assuming you haven’t broken your hand before the El with Assignee could have finished bursting.

I do not like to divert the odds that can influence the outcome of my bet because the possibilities of x, Y or z occurred ‘ after ‘ Colocé my bet and ‘ before the result is known, which attracts an additional random element to the game , apart from the random nature of each game. For me, Baccarat is by far the best casino card game and the one that has a probability of winning 50:50, leaving aside the Bankers ‘ Commission.

In addition, the home advantage increases to almost 2% in Blackjack when one or more players make avoidable errors. While in Baccarat, you can omit your calculated decision by allowing the release of a coin to decide for you (perfect for online betting) and to have a better chance of winning than if you had tried to win in Blackjack only by circumstances outside of your control. And then hinder your efforts.

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